Incorporated in Canada with our head office in Vancouver, British Columbia on the westernmost of Canada's provinces, our company is symbolically and strategically located to focus and service the growing Asia Pacific Region.

Built on a strong foundation of experience and commitment, we pride ourselves on our uniquely flexible approach to business and long lasting business relations. We personalize our services and operate on the basis of "in-house" forwarding and consultancy.

With Freight Forwarding at the core of our business, we utilize comprehensive and sustainable practices in selecting our agents and vendors.

Globalization has dictated that a single carrier cannot always offer the diverse services required by shippers today. We continuously measure and monitor our performance through a careful selection of preferred asset based third party service providers.

Our "one window" "single contact" simplified method of business ensures we always offer you informed and timely feedback on your valuable business.

In a world where change is constant our modern thinking, adaptability and effective communication sets us apart. By making the right investment in the right people and empowering our team to take quick decisions, we are able to ensure that our internal and external customers needs are met.

We utilise sustainable practices and strive to align our objectives within environmental goals.

At Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc, Canada we believe that no client is too big or too small. Each client is treated as our "top" customer with professionalism, integrity and reliability.

We strive to compliment your business and ensure our customers have received a reliable and premium service.

Our staff fully recognise that it is only the growth of our clients that has contributed to our continued success.


At Consolidated Shipping Line, our objective is to work towards our customers interests. Always listen and fully understand our client's needs and process. We nurture our business relationships and commit to mutual growth. Whilst we must keep pace with change it is important to continue to grow profitably.

We encourage an environment of equality and strive to be moral and constructive global citizens.