Customs Brokerage

In keeping pace with current security demands, complex border controls and local customs, our agents are experts in their fields and offer accurate, timely and efficient services related to all aspects of customs procedures.

Brokerage and Consultancy:

We provide trade consulting services that steer you through the regulatory requirements for an import/export business.

We can analyze your current transportation management practices and identify potential improvements. Together, we can develop a comprehensive strategy that meets the needs of your unique business objectives.

Implementing an integrated solution will smooth the flow of your supply chain and increase sales and bottom line performance.

We will make sure that your goods are valued and classified properly and can advise you on duty relief programs, so you receive the maximum in drawbacks and refunds.

Our agents will ensure your business is minimizing exposure and risk to customs penalties.

Consolidated Shipping Line has the expertise to make an informed assessment of your obligations and requirements.