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Consolidated Shipping Line Inc., Canada is a world class Global Freight Forwarder with an extensive geographic coverage.

WE offer a broad range of innovative and customized door-door Transport, Logistics and related service options by Ocean, Air and Land.




Air cargo is expensive and should only be used when there is no better choice and option.

At Consolidated Shipping Line, we expertly weigh the risks and challenges of reducing Airfreight costs and ensuring your product deadlines and inventory flows are met.


Our global team is trained and experienced to competitively create short term efficiencies and create and build long term cost savings and relationships.


We offer efficient transport solutions from the port (FCL), airport (AIR), CFS (LCL/LTL) utilising multiple modes of transport (Truck and Rail) combined with an extensive and carefully selected vendor network.

You're on-time deliveries are constantly monitored to improve efficiencies and reduce lead times.


Our network of third party warehouses is carefully selected to allow us offer strategic and best locations options thereby ensuring our customers the best processes and most cost effective Warehousing and Distribution solutions.


Local rules and regulations and ensuring the right documentation so that your products arrive at the right place and on time with no expensive penalties, fines and unforeseen charges can prove challenging.

Our expert brokerage agents and connections have the knowledge to make well informed decisions and suggestions on your behalf.

We even handle review of Letter of Credit Documents and suggest best practices to minimise or eliminate negotiation difficulties.


Business success today is dependent on its ability to change and keep pace with market fluctuations.

Allow us to assist you identify areas of improvement and take advantage of new opportunities.

We help you focus on implementing strategic and necessary changes both operationally and tactically from optimising inventory to responding to change and product demand.




At Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc, we believe that no client is too big or too small. Each client is treated as our "top" customer with professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Innovation is our core focus and strength. We pride ourselves on a flexible approach to business solutions and train our staff to understand our clients' needs and best interests.

We approach business as an in-house extension of your team and understand that it is only your success that will allow us to grow.

We commit to listening to your needs and giving you our best attention and services at all times.

We look forward to participating in your success !

Transport Process


Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc. is an International Freight Forwarder.

We offer scheduled and tailor made solutions by most transport modes for Domestic, Cross Border and International Transport.

Our staff is trained to implement innovative and performance oriented economic transport solutions.

They are given decision making abilities and encourage new ideas and change.

Regular in house training, stringent measurement standards and increased accountability ensures best practices.

Freight forwarders typically arrange cargo movement to an international destination.

Also referred to as International Freight Forwarders, they have the expertise and training that allows them to prepare and process the documentation and perform related activities pertaining to international shipments

Our company provides services through a global network of freight forwarding offices and contract logistics and distribution centers.

Our team and network of agents are specialists in their own areas, experienced in handling aspects related to most all transport moves from small parcels to large oversized bulk project cargoes including Charter.

Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc. Canada is a non asset based third party service provider. As a non-asset based Freight Forwarder, we assist our customers in putting together all the pieces of their supply chain.

We have the relationships in place with the carriers, and the experience arranging and organizing all the legs of your supply chain.

Consolidated Shipping Line is the expert who helps you coordinate the shipment of your goods via single or multiple carriers.

We will transact on your behalf with Customs Clearances, End to End International Shipping, and coordinate with all the various parties involved.



Project Cargo is a highly specialized field including door-door shipping services and turnkey projects with items of a unique size, shape or weight.

Cargoes that do not fit in standard containers or have other unusual characteristics such as size, quantity and tonnage, or have complex components that must be disassembled prior to shipping, are defined as project cargo.

Our staff have expertise in Project Cargo management and knowledge of geographic variability and infrastructure limitations, as well as critical experience in intermodal transportation and documentation.

1. What is considered Project Cargo

  • Cargo that will not fit in a standard ocean container.
  • Cargo that will fit in a standard container, but will require special handling or loading.
  • Cargo that will fit in a standard container, but will be more economical to ship as RORO, e.g. automobiles, small trailers, etc.
  • Cargo that is too heavy for a standard container.

2. What are other terms for Project Cargo?

  • Oversized or Over dimensional.
  • Out of Gauge (OOG).
  • Big & Heavy.

3. What are different ways of shipping Project Cargo?

  • In specialized equipment such as flat rack (FR), open top(OT), platform, or artificial tween deck (ATD).
  • Breakbulk/Lift on Lift off (BBK/LOLO).
  • Roll on/ Roll off (RORO) – cargo on wheels or tracks that are self-propelled or towable.

4. What are examples of Project Cargo?

  • Earth moving equipment, mining equipment, heavy machinery, industrial machinery, generators, transport vehicles, boats/yachts on trailers or cradles, cranes, motor homes, plant assemblies, turbines, etc.


At Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc, we believe in value addition to your business and our strength lies in offering Innovative Transport Service Solutions and consultancy for your business success.

our aim is to enable you create a more efficient and cost effective logistics network. we offer a flexible and customised one stop window of services that includes:

  • International Freight Forwarding - AIR, OCEAN, LAND
  • Domestic and Cross Border Multimodal Transport
  • Project Cargo Management


  • Cargo Insurance
  • Export Packing and Crating
  • International Trade and Document Management
  • Inventory Management and Control and Order Fulfillment
  • Origin Consolidation Management
  • Business Process Management and Freight Consultancy
  • Reverse Logistics (RMA)

Incorporated in Canada with our head office in Vancouver, British Columbia on the westernmost of Canada's provinces, our company is symbolically and strategically located to focus and service the growing Asia Pacific Region.

Built on a strong foundation of experience and commitment, we pride ourselves on our uniquely flexible approach to business and long lasting business relations.


Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc., Canada supports its clients with an enviable Worldwide agency network and affiliations that is second to none.

Consolidated Shipping Line, Inc. success and the success of our customers is due to the dedicated efforts of our vendors and agents who share a common philosophy to offer an unmatched quality of service.

We recognize the importance of having reliable partners across the globe to compliment and manage your business and therefore utilize best practices in working with agents who are leaders within their respective regions.

Our network boasts a Global presence with expert Local Knowledge and includes industry leaders across Asia, Americas, Africa, Europe, Far East, Middle East, and the Sub Continent.

All of our agents are experts within their regions and share our commitment to customer service and excellence.

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