Construction Logistics can help business in the construction industry save money and reduce the impact of construction on others.

Planning helps manage deliveries to building sites more effectively.

Whether it’s rapid-response to daily site issues or managing global movements through to JIT site delivery, you need a proactive partner with the vision to anticipate problems and the natural ability to keep communication and logistics systems flowing.

Freight plays a key role in all construction projects including transporting equipment, delivering materials and removing waste.

At Consolidated Shipping Line, our network of consultants can provide a framework to better manage all types of freight movement to and from construction sites to plan and improve the safety and reliability of deliveries to a site, reduce congestion and minimize environmental impact.

We can assist and benefit your property development or construction company and the local community with reliable deliveries, and less disruption to the business day, reduce risk of penalties related to legal loading restrictions, facilitate timed and consolidated deliveries as part of our transport assesment.

We utilize the services of freight operators who can demonstrate their commitment to best practice and sustainable methods whilst working with other sites in the area.

It's not just the expertise and experience we can bring to your project. Our consultants effective planning will take the hassle out of difficult projects and our personable approach will ensure we feel like an extension of your team.